Our Corporate Social Responsibility highlights the importance of caring for our environment and surrounding communities to facilitate sustainability and growth. We believe in conducting business in a manner which achieves sustainable growth whilst demonstrating a high degree of social responsibility. We believe that this approach creates a source of competitive advantage for our business.


We aim to provide a positive work environment for all our employees. We aim to provide a fair and equal opportunities employment environment, providing individuals with the opportunity to develop and progress their development within the Company.

Interlink operates an apprentice scheme for people looking to enter our related industries and provides funding and time-off for employee development and training. Interlink operates an Equal Opportunities Policy for all employees and provide a clear and fair remuneration policy, with safeguards to ensure all employees are treated fairly with respect and without any form of harassment.

Health & Safety

In order to illustrate our commitment to Health and Safety we hold several accreditations including the internationally recognised British Standards Institution BS OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management.

We also operate & are accredited to SSIP certified Health & Safety management systems and we are committed to achieving continuous improvement and the provision of a clean, safe and healthy working environment for all our employees.

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We are committed to carrying out all aspects of our business in accordance with rigorous commitment to related legal, professional and ethical standards.


We manage the quality of our products and services through our ISO 9001 Quality Management System and strive for continuous improvement.

We aim to provide a high level of expertise and exceed client expectations by providing an unrivalled service, ensuring quality, integrity and excellence at all times.

 We pro-actively seek feedback on our performance and maintain an open communications policy to ensure we fulfil the requirements of this policy.

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Interlink seeks suppliers who share similar values and encourages its suppliers to adopt responsible business policies and practices.

We aim to develop long-term, close working relationships with each of our suppliers.

Community Benefits

Continue to support and help local communities through charity work and young people’s programmes.

The Company sponsors local youth football teams as well as supporting local charities.

Sustainability & Environemtal

We are committed through our ISO 14001 Environmental Management System to the environment and seeks to reduce our environmental impact throughout our operations.

Interlink collects and recycles waste materials wherever practical and possible. We also help our clients achieve this for our clients & the public by being a Recolight open collection site for failed hazardous waste lamps.  If we are unable to recycle redundant components, we give the equipment to registered Companies that operate in accordance with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive.

We are also committed to encouraging a paperless office & have implemented various electronic business management systems that support this as well as making the field operatives paperless.

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The Managing Director is responsible for the implementation of this policy and ensuring that resources are made available throughout the Company to meet our corporate social responsibilities.

Being a responsible electrical contractor means being aware of the consequences of our activities and caring for the environment. We will continue to build this foundation of corporate social responsibility as the company progresses and develops.