Although an emergency lighting system is a legal requirement for every employer or business that encounters the general public, it’s unlikely to be something you think about every day. Here at Interlink Lighting & Electrical however, it’s a integral part of our service.  As specialist emergency lighting contractors, we are able to design, supply, install, test & commission and maintain all of your emergency lighting needs complying with the current British Standards.

As the Health & Safety Executive states “Employers have a general duty under section 2 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of their employees at work”. Fulfilment of this duty and section 4 of the Act requires a range of provisions and one key area is emergency lighting & the implementation of a compliant emergency lighting testing service.

Knowing what emergency lighting must be provided, and how it must be tested & maintained, is therefore crucial for any duty holder. Furthermore, the Building Regulations 2002 states that emergency lighting is required to provide sufficient back up illumination to ensure the means of escape from a building can be used safely and effectively.

To comply with the above legislation, it is essential to implement the appropriate and recognised codes of practise. The British Standard BS5266 Part 1 2005 is a guide to the design and provision of emergency lighting to reduce the risks from hazards in the event of failure of the normal lighting supply. When a risk assessment has been conducted, a suitable emergency escape route and back up lighting system has been designed and installed, by law, a testing regime ensuring the effectiveness of the system shall be implemented.

Scheduled testing of the emergency system ensures that it is maintained and functional, encourages the longevity of the system by preventing the essential components from becoming redundant and most importantly, produces the necessary legal documentation detailing the activities and results undertaken. The documentation is provided in the form of a log book and accompanying certification that is left on-site for inspection, as required, by the local services authority or any other authorised personnel.

To implement a compliant emergency testing service, please contact our offices on 0141 429 1254 or email us with your details & we’ll be happy to help.