Retail Lighting Maintenance 2

Retail Lighting Maintenance

Interlink Lighting & Electrical have providing our retail lighting maintenance service throughout the UK for some of the biggest & most recognised brands in retail parks, shopping centres & on the high street. Our experience and knowledge of retail lighting maintenance enables us to deliver a market leading service tailored to our each of our client’s requirements with minimal disruption to the operation, the store and the customers you serve.

Keeping your portfolio of stores illuminated whilst trading effectively is our number one priority.  A pro-active planned retail lighting maintenance service will protect, maintain and ensure the integrity of the original lighting design and retain the full impact and effectiveness of the lighting scheme.

We’ll do it as cost-efficiently as possible to suit your budget with our pro-active planned retail lighting maintenance service.

Our service is provided on a mutually agreed schedule of planned visits where our fully trained & qualified electrical engineers attend the property, carry out a full inspection and replace any failed lamps or control gear as required.

This pro-active planned service entails no call-out charges & no hourly charges.  Any lamps or parts replaced during a planned maintenance visit are charged from a menu of pre-agreed unit replaced prices. This menu of fixed prices will be the same for any client site regardless of its location or size.

So if you’re store is located in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, Aberdeen or any point in-between, the cost of your unit cost for lamp replacement will be the same.

Our pro-active planned retail lighting maintenance service includes the following benefits:

favicon Fully trained & qualified electrical engineer on premises on a regular, scheduled basis.

favicon Lamps & Control Gear charged only on unit numbers replaced.

favicon First time fix policy

favicon No Lamps replaced… No Charge for that visit.

favicon Uniformity of lamp colour & wattage providing the visual integrity.

favicon Lamp disposal (Hazardous Waste) included

favicon No necessity to hold lamp stocks on premises.

favicon Additional electrical works can be undertaken at the same time if required

favicon Your company will conform to health & safety regulations.

favicon Compliant with all WEEE legislation

favicon Free reports & quotation on any lighting & electrical faults.

favicon Advice on energy savings where applicable (climate levy tax April 2003)

While your customers continue to spend, Interlink will be servicing your stores. We can also integrate & undertake a range of services to keep your retail stores illuminated, safe & compliant:

favicon Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICRs)

This is a procedure that is undertaken to evaluate and report on the condition of an electrical installation, to help ensure it is in a safe condition. Many organisations such as insurance companies place an obligation on their clients to carry out periodic electrical inspection & testing.

faviconEmergency Lighting Testing

All emergency lighting systems are required to be subjected to regular testing and inspection to ensure correct operation when required to operate in the event of an emergency. It is an essential part of your building’s Fire Precautions and it is paramount to maintain your lighting in order to ensure it performs when most needed.

faviconPortable Appliance Testing (PAT Testing)

PAT testing is an important part of any health and safety policy. This, in effect, requires the implementation of a systematic and regular program of lighting maintenance, inspection and testing.

faviconElectrical Maintenance

During any planned or reactive office lighting maintenance visit, our qualified NICEIC & SELECT electrical engineers are able to undertake any additional electrical maintenance tasks that may be required.

Small independent retailers, regional chains, department stores and international brands have entrusted the care of their portfolio to Interlink Lighting & Electrical.

Our retail lighting maintenance service offers both pro-active/planned and reactive cover to keep your brand looking good and your stores trading at all times.

You can rely on our knowledgeable retail-specialist in-house engineers and our approved network of specialist suppliers.

Service Level Agreements and regular client review meetings enable informed decisions to be made regarding budget control and opportunities to identify energy and maintenance saving lighting solutions and projects across the portfolio of stores.

If you are interested in our retail lighting maintenance service, please contact our offices on 0141 429 1254 or email us and a member of our team will be glad to assist.