EICR Tests - Electrical Installation Condition Report

Over 25 years experience recommending and providing EICR tests and EICR certificates nationwide. Book your test for an electrical installation condition report today.

EICR Certificates To Keep Your Business Safe

Here at Interlink Lighting and Electrical, we understand that every electrical installation will fail the older it gets and the more it is used. We want to advise all our customers throughout Scotland and Northern England that there are regulations that recommend all installations have yearly inspections and testing. We provide EICR testing for your property, so if there are any faults with the electrical system, we can highlight and repair them to keep it safe in the building. We also provide a EICR certificate to verify that your property has been lawfully deemed safe for the welfare of staff.

We want to put your mind at ease

EICR testing is fundamental to establish compliance with health and safety. The trained technicians at Interlink Lighting and Electrical are happy to offer their periodic electrical test services because we care about our clients understanding the importance of gaining an EICR certificate. We offer fixed wire testing, which examines the circuits within a building. This is important as part of EICR testing as it means that the report can state the compliance with the Health & Safety at Work 1974.

Recommended frequency of EICR testing

Type of property Recommended Frequency
Residential Lettings Tenancy Change or every 5yrs (whatever is sooner)
Commercial At least every 5 years
Domestic Dwellings At least every 10 years
Industrial/Warehouse At least every 3 years
Hospitals At least every 5 years
Educational At least every 5 years
Hotels and Restaurants Annually
Cinemas and Theatres Annually