EV Charging

We are fully registered, trained and government OLEV approved electric vehicle (EV) charging points installers. We are registered with both the home charge scheme (EVHS) and workplace charging scheme (WCS) to offer grant funding for domestic and commercial clients.


We can secure you a £350 government grant via the OLEV (office for low emission vehicles) scheme we are approved by. 

The OLEV grant was reduced from £500 to £350 and in future the grant funding will be reduced further as electric vehicles become more popular.

Your new electric vehicle doesn’t need to be ready on your driveway to have a charger installed. Proof of an order form from a dealership and/or letter from your workplace if being used as a company car is enough to begin the process before delivery, ensuring you will be ready for charging when the car arrives. 

We will make the process simple and arrange all the grant funding paperwork for the £350 OLEV grant. Grants are subject to terms & conditions. 


WCS is available to businesses, charity and public sector organisations. Many businesses are recognising the need to supply staff and customers with chargers at their workplace and retail sites, demonstrating a commitment to protecting the environment and promotes brand values. Statistics show that an employee would be 6 times more likely to own an electric vehicle if their workplace had charging facilities, combined with benefit in kind tax savings it will provide convenience and keep staff and clients happy.

The WCS scheme offers up to 40 sockets across one or multiple sites owned by the same client at £350 per socket. The energy savings trust also typically offers up to 50% funding per 7kw socket after OLEV deductions, this is on a case by case basis and they need to be contacted prior to the EV charging point installation.

Bespoke solutions can include RFID key fob access for authorised users, digital screens with access pin codes and back office data management software for site owners to manage and monitor their EV charging infrastructure.