Supply, recycling & energy saving

Providing customers with cost-effective lighting

We make a promise to all our nationwide customers that we will help them with cost-effective lighting. All the services we provide help you reduce your costs by reducing the amount of energy you are using through the lighting we install and maintain. Our cost-effective lighting options help our customers meet their important environmental target by an energy assessment that will help you implement the latest energy-saving technologies. With our cost-effective lighting, we guarantee we can save on your lighting and energy bills and feel great about it.

Providing customers with environmentally friendly lighting

We have supplied and installed environmentally friendly lighting solutions to properties across Scotland and Northern England for many years. LED lighting is an extremely cost-effective lighting option and can be supplied to a wide range of properties ranging from residential to retail outlets. We want to help you reduce your carbon footprint and this environmentally friendly lighting is guaranteed to do just that. You can reduce your electricity bills and energy prices with LED lighting and our team of qualified engineers have experience installing them in all types of properties, suiting the requirements for a range of customers.

Lightbulb supply in Scotland and Northern England

We understand the demand amongst our customers in Scotland and Northern England for quality lightbulb supply or lamp replacement parts. We provide a large range of light bulbs, from LED to spot lights. Whether you are looking for a lightbulb supply for a residential property or a commercial site, Interlink Lighting and Electrical are your first-choice when it comes to lightbulb supply and lamp replacement parts. We are always on hand to offer you our expert advice on the correct lamps to purchase for your lighting requirements.

lamp disposal in Scotland and Northern England

We know how important it is to provide a safe and controlled lamp disposal service throughout Scotland and Northern England. The WEEE regualtions on lamp recycling are strict and prevents commercial, electrical and electronic waste going to landfill. Lamp disposal and lightbulb recycling are essential and need to be transported and disposed of in a controlled manner. At Interlink Lighting and Electrical, we can make sure all our customers comply with these regulations as we provide SEPA registered hazardous waste carriers and we are a Recolight recycling collection centre. We want to make your lives as hassle-free as possible and our lamp disposal options are safe and easy to use.