How Office Lighting Affects Productivity

Creating a productive work environment is one of the most important things an office manager can do.
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If you want to achieve great results, you need to invest in an office that inspires and engages your workforce – and choosing the right lighting plays a huge role in this.

Office lighting can affect productivity in more ways than one, as your employees will tell you. Anyone who has spent hours squinting in a dark office or shielding their eyes from an overly bright light will know just how important the right lighting is.

As experts in commercial lighting solutions, it’s safe to say that we know a thing or two about lighting. Below, we discuss some of the ways that lighting affects productivity:

Eye pain and headaches

It’s unsurprising that office lighting levels can affect your eyes. If the lighting in your workplace is too dark, your eyes will have to work harder to read from a screen. Alternatively, if the lighting is too bright, you will find yourself squinting throughout the day. Over time, this can lead to headaches and other issues, which can affect productivity levels significantly.

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Muscular discomfort

Next time you’re sitting at your desk, pay attention to how your body responds to the office environment. If the room is slightly too dark for you to read the screen comfortably, you will need to hunch forward to get closer to your computer. Over time, these bodily reactions can lead to muscular discomfort and reduced productivity.


Our bodies are more sensitive to light than we often realise. We follow a natural cycle called a circadian rhythm which regulates our sleep patterns, and office light levels have been proven to affect this. Office lighting should support our circadian rhythm, but unfortunately it often doesn’t. Instead, it can make us feel drowsy and unstimulated.

Links to mental health

In recent years, the link between natural bright light and office productivity levels has been explored more and more. Many people have found that exposure to natural light can have a hugely positive impact on our mental health, which is something all offices should learn from. You may not be able to fit new windows or control the weather, but you can choose commercial lighting that emulates natural bright light.

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