Seven Ways an Electrician Can Help You Save Money On Your Electricity Bills and Become More Energy Efficient

If you are one of the many residents in the UK who thinks that their bills are rising, you would be right. Both gas and electricity bills have been rising consistently over the last 15 years.
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This increase in price can exert huge amounts of financial pressure on households and businesses who already have large overheads. According to recent reports, these costs are only set to continue soaring. However, you can help to manage the cost of your electricity with the help of a professional electrician.

Electrical contractors can provide you with the advice, installations and repairs you need to keep your electricity bills manageable. These services can also ensure that you remain as energy-efficient and environmentally friendly as possible. With environmental responsibility ever-more important, we all must do our bit to reduce our impact on the environment.

To give you a helping hand, we’ve created a brief guide on how electrical companies, like us at Interlink Lighting & Electrical, can give you the tools you need to save money and help the planet.

Electricians Can Perform an Energy Assessment On Your Home

Before knowing precisely how to reduce electricity bills, it’s an idea to have an electrician perform an energy assessment on your property. Also known as an ‘energy audit’, these surveys provide you with detailed information about how much energy you consume. This information can then be used to help you understand how to reduce that consumption.

Energy assessments involve several examinations on the energy function of your property. These include both the structure and the form of energy employed. An auditor may look at the building from the outside to examine the windows and walls as well as the source of energy you’re using. This will help you understand whether you need to improve your insulation, replace windows or begin using a different boiler. You may also get some information on whether your electrical appliances need updating to save you some money.

Electrical Contractors Can Replace Your Incandescent Bulb Fittings

When it comes to wasting electricity, very few appliances waste energy quite like incandescent bulbs. Although incandescent bulbs are cheaper per bulb than either fluorescent or LED lights, they will cost you significantly more in the long run. A typical incandescent bulb will last for around 1,000 hours of light. Although this sounds like a lot at face value, other bulbs can last for many times longer.

The main issue of concern in regards to incandescent bulbs is that they convert huge amounts of the energy they consume into heat rather than light. In fact, as much as 90% of all of the energy an incandescent bulb uses is converted into heat. Only 10% of the energy consumed is transmitted into light. This makes incandescent light bulbs highly inefficient. Both fluorescent and LED light bulbs do a significantly better job of converting energy into light rather than heat.

Similarly, fluorescent lights will last for around 10,000 hours rather than just 1,000. LED lights last even longer, for between 20,000 and 50,000.

In some cases, you will be able to replace all of the light fittings in your home to either fluorescent or LED lights by yourself. However, it’s always worth contacting an electrician to receive some expert advice on the best course of action. Doing so can make your home far more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Have Your Electrician Install Dimmers For Your Lights

As well as changing the type of bulbs you use, having an electrician install dimmer switches at your home can also help you save money on your bills. LED lights lend themself very well to dimmer switches, as they are much easier to control than other types of bulb.

Using a dimmer switch can help you to extend the life of your bulbs, as they will be using less energy to power. By extending the lifespan of bulbs, you’ll be spending less on replacements. You will also shave a little off of your electricity consumption. Contact electrical contractors to give you all of the information you’ll need for the replacements.

Electrical Companies Can Advise on Energy-Saving Appliances

Many professional electrical contractors will be more than happy to provide you with advice and recommendations on energy-saving appliances. From new refrigerators and washing machines to showers and dishwashers, you can find and energy-saving product for almost every appliance. Over time, these appliances can save you a significant amount on your bills and ensure your home is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Seeking advice from your local electrician will help you get the low-down on which appliances can save you the most money and what to look for when shopping.

Save Your Electrician The Hassle By Reducing Phantom Energy

A simple way of saving money on your bills without calling an electrician is to be more aware of phantom energy. Also known as vampire power, phantom energy is the energy that is consumed by leaving electrical appliances plugged into the mains when they’re not in use. Leaving appliances on standby still uses electricity. By leaving phone chargers or TVs plugged in when they’re not in use, you’re wasting valuable energy and needlessly increasing your bills.

Even though you might only use your TV for a few hours a day, it will still be using energy for the remaining time it’s plugged in. Some studies suggest that more than 20% of a household’s energy is wasted through phantom power. Simply keeping an eye on what you leave plugged in can help you reduce your electricity usage and, therefore, reduce your bills.

Change Your Habits To Reduce Energy Consumption

As well as being more aware of your phantom power, simply changing some habits can reduce your energy bills. For example, ensuring that lights are turned off when you leave a room and drying your clothes in the garden rather than the tumble dryer can save you a significant amount.

Have Electrical Contractors Identify Faulty Appliances With a PAT Test and Replace

Faulty appliances may be using more energy than they should be. If you’re concerned that your business or home has some faulty appliances, you should have them PAT tested by a professional electrician. As well as ensuring your appliances are safe for use, this can identify appliances that should be replaced. Replacing a faulty appliance may end up saving you money on your bills.

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